First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church • 330 First Parish Rd, Scituate MA 02066

Religious Education (RE)

for children and Teens

The mission of the Religious Ed. program is to promote a welcoming and inclusive community that values children and youth.

Guided by the seven UU Principles, we strive to nurture the spiritual development of our children and families and to empower them to act on their beliefs and meet the challenges of a changing world.

Our goals for faith formation of our youth

We value each child’s quest for truth and cultivate acceptance of one another’s evolving beliefs. We encourage thinking, questioning, listening, perceiving, and sharing. In our groups and classes, we uphold democratic process and emphasize fair treatment.

With this approach, we strive to help children:

  • Find their place in the universe and experience feelings of wonder for and connection to all of life;

  • Build a true sense of themselves as lovable and capable human beings responsible for determining the quality and direction of their lives;

  • Develop appreciation for the worth and rights of others;

  • Explore spiritual paths in order to clarify and articulate their personal beliefs and values;

  • Understand and act on their ability to work for positive change in the world;

  • Gain an appreciation of the natural world and an understanding of their responsibilities to it.

Childcare (birth - K)

Childcare (18 mos - 2)
Yes, infants are welcome! We have a rocking chair station at the back of the santuary, and we also pipe sound out to the Sloop Room seating so you can still hear the service.
Loving childcare with storytelling and creative play is provided for toddlers. Normally, parents sign their children in before service, or bring their children upstairs when children and teachers leave for RE classes.  Parents sign their children out at the end of the worship service (11:30) before attending Coffee Hour. 

Elementary  (Grades 1 - 5)

We teach a 3-year rotation that covers, in turn:
  • The major world religions
  • The Judeo-Christian tradition
  • UU identity

In this rotation, for 2023-24, the focus is World Religions. This year we are exploring religions from around the world in our new outdoor classroom space. Our goal is to encourage children to connect with their quest for purpose and meaning, value themselves and others, and understand the basics of religious literacy.
Calaveras/All Soul's
Buddhist Ghost Festival

Junior Youth: Grades 6 - 9

"Building Bridges" Program

"Building Bridges" will be offered in 2023-2024.
This program examines how each faith approaches the 'big questions' of the nature of humanity and the divine, and beliefs about death and faith, and how this is reflected in a faith community's traditions and culture. They examine how this knowledge helps their understanding of their neighbors (as guests of nearby temples and churches - this year virtually) and their understanding of Unitarian Universalist values.

Meets Sunday mornings, plus field trips.

Junior Youth : Grades 8 - 9

"Our Whole Lives" (OWL)

The OWL sexuality education program is offered every other year in conjunction with two other local UU churches (First Parish in Cohasset and Channing Church in Rockland). OWL will be offered in the 2023-2024 church year.

This respected national program is led by trained facilitators, with curricula updated to address societal changes.

This secular curriculum equips students with the knowledge of physiology and reproduction, and with the skills to reduce problems such as unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, but unlike other curricula, it also has the more proactive goal of helping youth to become sexually healthy people who value each other and their bodies, remain healthy, and build positive, equitable loving relationships. The activities and language used throughout the program have been carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible of human diversity.

Meets Sunday evenings (depends on the families' schedules)

Junior Youth: Grades 7-11

"Coming of Age" Program

This UU rite-of-passage course matches our seventh grade students and above with adult mentors from our congregation. Together they will work on a check-list of subjects, exploring worship, social justice, religious history and tradition, First Parish as an organization, and their own spiritual autobiography.

This class culminates in a worship service and celebration during which students’ personal credos are shared.

Meets as-needed, independently of Sunday program

Senior Youth Group: Grades 9 - 12

 ... aka "SciCohRockWell"

The free and responsible search for truth and meaning continues with our high school students. This program explores values, ethics, and character in real life, and how beliefs and actions translate into making a difference in our community and our society. Students also continue their personal identity development. Our goal is to help high school students to transition to post-high school as a UU and to affirm UUism as a lifelong, sustaining faith.

Currently, this dynamic group combines youth from UU churches in Scituate, Cohasset, Rockland, and Norwell. Youth Group activities have included the Walk for Hunger, Boston Pride, social justice projects, and intergenerational fundraising activities.

In addition, they are invited to participate in overnight UU Youth Conferences (known as Cons). Cons are a large part of the youth experience. Our advisors and youth leaders take great pride in the strong communities that are fostered and the leadership skills our youth develop. Our teams, based out of the host churches or collaboratives, work together to organize and run each conference. It is the youth who lead activities, prepare meals, coordinate worship, and much more.

Meets as per the group's decisions, often with carpooling to alternate member churches.